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Re: FAFSA and Law School

Postby too old for this sh* » Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:13 pm

Skyhook wrote:
too old for this sh* wrote: I've spent the past few years working diligently on getting rid of some of the other debt load I was carrying since, even with much of it at 0%, it was still debt that required servicing. Then there was that nasty little miscalculation tiff with the IRS over a filing in the 90's (interest and penalties are a bitch).

However, not to despair because eligibility still exists for Stafford at $20.5K plus whatever other private loans might be taken...the Stafford was all that populated with my FAFSA completion.

Ouch for the IRS! Guess you really don't want to get into a fight with them... ever.

We eventually reached a quiet compromise...they kept my returns for a few years and quit trying to jack my bank accounts. I fought off about a half-dozen levy attempts. I also gave them a significant check a few years into the issue, but a lot of that was the interest and penalties since it was about three years before they came after me. And when they came after me, I had moved elsewhere- they kept mailing to the address of record for the year in question instead of the most recent filing address. Big mess, but I digress...

Well, thanks for the rundown on those questions.
Looks like I've got a some definite EFC no matter what I do.

Where does it say you are eligible for the Stafford loans?
And are you really too old for this shit? I'm wondering if I am...

After you complete the FAFSA, it gives the confirmation page. The eligibility for the Stafford was on there.

The 'too old' is a running joke in the office...but I am in the over-40 category. I've got a firm offer of employment in my niche area if and when I finally the Bar card...my thing is having to give up a chunk of income for three years to basically do what I have been doing for the past decade.

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