Important question about a "letter of interest"?

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Important question about a "letter of interest"?

Postby sch0123 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:03 pm

Hey guys,

I've just submitted the vast majority of my applications (about 10 of them) and am now in wait-and-see mode. One of my applications went to U of Texas, which is looking more and more like my top choice. The problem, however, is I don't think my app effectively communicated this message to the U of T admissions office.

So, I was told by a friend of mine who's a bit more familiar with the process that I can write a "letter of interest" to UT to let them know that they are my first choice. Obviously I'd love to do so as I am a splitter and definitely on the bubble. Two main questions, then; Can I indeed write such a letter, and if so, how long and detailed should it be?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice!

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Re: Important question about a "letter of interest"?

Postby fundamentallybroken » Thu Jan 13, 2011 12:15 am

Yeah, you can write a letter of interest (also known here as a "Why X?").

Not positive about the length, but I'd guess a one pager, double spaced, or approx. 250 words. Once complete, just email it to the admissions office and ask them to add it to your file.

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