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Postby boushi » Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:59 pm

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Re: LSAC projects an increase of applicants this year

Postby txadv11 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:02 pm

Interesting.... I sincerely thought that the people who figured they could ride-out the economic problems entered last year or gave up.

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Re: LSAC projects an increase of applicants this year

Postby bdubs » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:06 pm

boushi wrote:Just checked the LSAC volume summary table noticed it included the preliminary Fall 2010 numbers, and they are a bit disheartening: according to their preliminary projection, the number of applicants for this cycle increased 2.2% over last year (reaching an estimated 87,500 compared to 85,500 last year), despite the drop of in LSATs in October. The preliminary estimate for the number of applications showed an even larger increase, coming in 7.1% higher than last year (604,100 compared to 564,000). These are only preliminary numbers; however, since every prior year's preliminary numbers have been lower than the final numbers, I don't think there is much solace in hopes that LSAC's projections are wildly higher than reality.

This also seems to confirm UVA's claims that it received record applications and thus increased competition for seats this fall.

The volume table is here: http://www.lsac.org/LSACResources/Data/ ... ummary.asp

(I'm sorry if this has been posted before; I hadn't seen these numbers referenced and I see a lot of people still referencing the rosier LSATs administered numbers.)

I, for one, was really looking for a silver lining in the LSATs administered data, so this is a bit disappointing to me; however, I'll be optimistic and hold out that this, when taken with the drop in tests administered, may mean high numbers of reapplicants from last year's brutal cycle or some such thing, and thus not affect competition at top schools in a straightforward way.

Thoughts? Whaling? Gnashing of teeth?

Has anyone checked that when they say Fall 2010, they don't mean matriculating in Fall of 2010? In that case it would just be lagged data posted regarding the total number of new students enrolled to start September 2010.

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Re: LSAC projects an increase of applicants this year

Postby musicfor18 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:10 pm

I'm pretty sure they mean Fall 2010 matriculating class when they say "Fall 2010".

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Re: Nothing to see here

Postby boushi » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:16 pm

bdubs & musifor18 are right. sorry 'bout that.

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Re: Nothing to see here

Postby Jack Smirks » Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:18 pm


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