In at a 3-Tier Reach?

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Re: In at a 3-Tier Reach?

Postby emhellmer » Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:47 pm

The automatic dismissal of EVERY Third Tier School on this forum is a little silly, and not as well-informed as it appears. Look at the regional reputation for each school individually. Some Third (and Fourth) Tier schools still provide their graduates with great regional job opportunities (especially if you know how to find a job without being handed one by your school's career office).

Regarding your record, I don't know what to say about each state's character and fitness recs. I would just contact the schools. Assuming your record won't bar you from admission, consider writing a tear-jerking personal statement about how you have turned your life around. I am under the impression that those go over VERY well.

Write an addendum explaining your low LSAT score. If you had low SAT scores (but still managed a 3.7 GPA) you can just say you don't do well on standardized tests, they are a poor predictor of your academic performance, and leave it at that. URMs get a great boost, and many schools will be willing to overlook the low LSAT score if you have a high GPA.

I'm also an older applicant with children, and understand that "sit it out another year" is a much more complicated proposition than it was when I was 24. Good luck!

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Re: In at a 3-Tier Reach?

Postby Sentry » Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:57 pm

rad law wrote:
Pneumatic wrote:Hopefully I can get into a solid TTT.

The only solid TTTs are ones where the TTT is the only school in a not very desirable market. Like University of Nebraska.

Nebraska is a T2.

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