retaking in February, already applied....

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retaking in February, already applied....

Postby JenDarby » Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:59 pm

I'm retaking in February, already having applied to: UCLA, USC, Cornell, UT. (as well as other lower ranked schools where I've either already been accepted, or am not too worried about being accepted with my current numbers).

I called up LSAC, and they said that they don't send anything to schools where you have already gone complete to let them know you have registered to take the LSAT, rather they just update your file when the new score comes in. That being said should I roll the dice with my current numbers, or alert the schools I'm retaking in February, in hopes of scoring better and increasing my chances of avoiding straight rejections?

168/3.58/4 years WE (for what it's worth)

(I know there is a "what if" since I could do better, but I could do worse, so I'm just looking for opinions)

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