Addendum? huge improvement in LSAT... twice

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Addendum? huge improvement in LSAT... twice

Postby DubPoker » Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:05 pm

Alright, so before I even say anything, here are my LSAT dates and scores.

September 26, 2009 149
December 05, 2009 159
December 11, 2010 167
my LSAC GPA is 3.29

so much for not being able to study for this thing...

EXPLANATION: The 149 was me taking it cold, had never seen an LSAT before. I was told you can't study for it, that you could take it multiple times, and it wasn't averaged. So quite sophomorically the first LSAT question I ever saw was on the morning of my LSAT, after taking it I didn't even feel bad about the test... when I received my score i was surprised. I then read the powerscore books and took it again, I got a 159. Though a major improvement I wanted to go to a school like UNC. Coincidentally I graduated that month, instead of applying to law schools with my 159 I took the year off, worked and traveled and when testing time came around again I studied and took a bunch of practice tests and was going to take it in Oct, but I freaked out and waited till the December.
(fwiw my last 2 ptests I took the week before the real thing, i got a 165 and 168, before the test it wasn't just fluke luck lol)

So here I am finishing up my Apps and trying to decide if I should write an addendum. I did have terrible anxiety before the 159, couldn't sleep and got a little sick before it. A bunch of schools say they take the highest score but consider the rest, I really don't know how to take that.

So if you were in my spot would you write an Addendum on these scores?

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Re: Addendum? huge improvement in LSAT... twice

Postby Teoeo » Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:08 pm

I wouldn't, I think the scores speak for themselves and I would be impressed with your perseverance were I going over your application.

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Re: Addendum? huge improvement in LSAT... twice

Postby T6Hopeful » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:36 pm

Certain schools have policies (whether explicit or tacit) where an x+ point jump will be solely considered anyway. The highest I've seen this number quoted is 8. While I would say no addendum is needed for a jump between two tests and while I agree that the scores speak for themselves, some schools may want you to address it, if only very briefly and succinctly.

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