How do schools view future LSATs?

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How do schools view future LSATs?

Postby VTOrange19 » Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:17 pm

I just got my score back from the December LSAT. Hindsight being 20-20, I should have probably cancelled (got there late due to a marathon being run through downtown unbeknownst to me, felt a little frazzled), but I felt really good on half and kind of iffy on the other. Either way, I got my score, and I did 155 after PTing in the 163-165 range consistently. I want to go to law school, badly. I prepped so hard for my LSAT and have taken applying very seriously. This score definitely puts my chances at any of my choice schools at a huge disadvantage. So how do schools look at my application if I am taking the February LSAT (the RedeptionSAT as I am calling it)?

Do their actions tell me the story? If I get waitlisted, is it a "you're intriguing, we like you, here is your chance, show us something"? I know at least one school I'm applying to has a place to ask them to hold the review until the second score. Basically, if I take the February test and do what I'm capable of, is it worth it to still apply in January? I have poured over the stats of each school, and while my admission is far from certain here, I have a fighting chance. Could the February test get me another look.

I want to go to law school badly. I have prepped and done everything the past two years with the intent of going to law school in the fall, so I want to be taken seriously and don't want to waste my time or anyone else's.

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