Factors that help in law school admissions.

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Factors that help in law school admissions.

Postby hjag » Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:26 am

After months of reading these forums and scanning stats on lawschoolnumbers.com, I noticed a couple things. I would like to see if other people agree with my assessment.

Factors that help in law school admissions:
URM status - Definitely
Ivy League Ugrad - Definitely
Top 25 Ugrad - A little
A science major - If your GPA is only a little below the borderline, yes.
Post-ugrad word experience - Yes (especially at Northwestern, Stanford, and Yale)
Leadership positions - Not really

Does anyone know about these two?
LGBT status - ?
Foreign residence - ?

I'm especially curious about the 2nd one. I am a US citizen but I grew up in Asia. I guess this will give me some good material for a diversity statement, but I wonder if it'll help beyond that.
Also, does anyone else feel like the diversity statement is an adversity statement in disguise?

I'm surprised at how so many HYS acceptances claim to have "mediocre softs." Perhaps they really just care about numbers + work experience. Or those people are just beyond modest.

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