Two app questions (re: fill-in-the-blank)

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Two app questions (re: fill-in-the-blank)

Postby sudoku » Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:07 pm

Hey all,

Filling out those online apps, but I have a serious question and a question of etiquette:

1. Information that exceeds the blanks (like typing in my long undergraduate institution's name) looks gross. It bubbles over the lines. I'm not alerted that this information won't be visible, but will it look that bad when the schools receive my apps? I don't really have a choice, unless I should opt instead to abbreviate, which looks silly, too. Maybe I'm just over-analyzing.

2. For information that doesn't apply, like in my instance military experience or graduate school institution, should I write "N/A" or "--" or something? Or just leave the blanks blank? I recall hearing that on job applications, all irrelevant questions should be addressed "N/A" in the blanks, acknowledging that the applicant read the question and didn't merely "forget" or ignore. Does the same apply to law school? Or should I just leave the blanks that don't apply just that--blank?

Thanks to everyone! These are exciting times for us all.


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Re: Two app questions (re: fill-in-the-blank)

Postby tourdeforcex » Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:56 pm

1) i would abbreviate. what school did you go to? there is no colloquial term?
2) just leave blank--thinking about this logically, i don't think law schools expect that the majority of applicants attended 1 undergraduate and 1 graduate school. and thus, i don't think they expect thousands of N/As. and they don't explicitly say write N/A.

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