Send in PS, DS, or both?

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Send in PS, DS, or both?

Postby RTFM » Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:52 pm

I posted this on another forum, but no one had an answer :(

I thought I was done with apps, but I just got a fee waiver to UW and I figured I should send one in there too. They have kind of an odd PS requirement though, which is:

Personal Statement - At the University of Washington School of Law, the primary goal of the admissions process is to enroll students who demonstrate outstanding academic and professional promise and whose background and experience will enhance the diversity of the student body, thereby enriching the law school educational environment. An applicant will be regarded as potentially contributing to student diversity if his or her background or experience would not ordinarily be well represented in the student body. Applicants are invited to describe factors that indicate diversity and other aspects of their backgrounds that would benefit the diversity of the law school community. Please limit your response to 700 words or less.

I have an 800 word version of my PS (which has nothing to do with diversity, although describes kind of unique WE) and a 330 word version of my DS (and I'm can't take the time to add anything to it). Should I a) cut down my PS and just submit it b) cut down my PS and submit both or c) just submit my DS.

Any opinions would be much apprecisted.


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Re: Send in PS, DS, or both?

Postby McDeere » Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:07 pm

Wouldn't hurt to send both

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