ED and deferment questions

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ED and deferment questions

Postby iowalum » Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:07 am

I know there are lots of posts here about deferment, but very few about ED. I applied ED at a school I really want to go to, but my financial situation has changed, and I may have to wait a year to work/get residency. The ED deadline has passed. So -

Can you get accepted ED then defer? (I'm sure it varies by school)
If I get accepted ED this year and they won't let me defer, will they even consider accepting me again next year? (it seems like rejecting an ED acceptance is close to blasphemy)
If you apply as a non-resident and get accepted and defer, can you be reclassified as a resident after working in the state for a year? (This is a very very strict residency state)

For the record - I am a splitter, but LSAT is above the school's median.

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