Top 25 prospects for students

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Top 25 prospects for students

Postby sangr » Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:57 pm

I know there are many many threads and arguments over this but what is the general consensus about not goin to school at T14?

I mean around hard is it to find big law or good employment if you place within the top percentage?


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Re: Top 25 prospects for students

Postby EngineeringLawyer » Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:19 am

Banking on being in the top percent of your class is a mistake. You're better off going to a school where you have more space to screw up or simply place on a usually strict curve. Generally, no one in the top 100 schools is stupid, but if you're putting your whole career on the line based on you being smarter than everyone else, you'll have another thing coming to you, especially since your entire placement is usually based on a single exam in each of your courses. Do yourself a favor and get into the best possible school you can get into (only adjust for really good scholarships/grants or local market reputation). I'm not saying the difference between 4 and 5 will make or break you, but the difference between 15 or 25 and 5 can. Keep in mind that in this market, even law review students at some schools are having major issues.

On a separate note, everyone keeps telling me that it'll be fine by the time (2013) I'm out (1L, T5), but I refuse to bank on that and no one in my class is taking it easy by any stretch of the imagination.

Oh yeah, I should also mention, this is also dependent on what you want to do in your career, LRAPs are a bit of a game changer (I have no idea what schools below the T10 give these, I think there's a link to that on here with some details about who offers what, if anything), but these can only be counted on if you're 100% committed to Public Interest. PI grants can also make a significant dent, but, by and large, these require you to show some commitment to PI so if you're hanging out this year, spend lots and lots of time volunteering to advertise your bleeding heart (though, they're not stupid, a single year may not be sufficient if all you've done your whole life is corporate finance). If you're straight out of undergrad or only a year or 2 out, don't rush back into law school. A very large amount of my entering class had taken 5 or more years off at some point and it's clear the top schools are valuing these experiences, even if it's just working as an administrative assistant or managing a mechanic shop, it shows you're not just going to school for the sake of not being in the real world.

Hope that helps.

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