Advice and Critique need on UG Transcript Addendum

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Advice and Critique need on UG Transcript Addendum

Postby pinkdatura » Sun Nov 07, 2010 3:34 pm

I have three points to add for better evaluation of my undergraduate transcript.
First, the undergraduate program I attended has a much more rigorous grading pattern compared to other programs in Peking University, which in the recommendation letter from program director Prof.Jiang can support it.
Second, despite evaluated as "above average" with 83 (in appeal), I ranked 1st in class for entire 4 years. Not only my recommender Prof Jiang can prove this, but also my status as Tan Yunshan Awardee (set in memory of most famous scholar Tan Yunshan every year grant award to only 1 student with 1st ranking to travel around India and be received by Indian Ambassador, sponsored by Indian Embassy)
Third, I would like to explain the two courses with deviant scores from my usual performance: The C programming (61) and Third Year College Japanese as a foreign language (62). The advanced C programming is an advance level course for EE and CS senior students. As the only student majored in humanity without any prerequisite class, I felt victim to grade curve but the lecturer, impressed by my hardworking and academic progress in that class, mentioned that she is willing to writing a reference letter for me anytime or explanation. For course College Japanese 3, during which final term exam, I was in India for field trip. According to the registrar policy, I was involuntarily absent from the exam and gave a 62 though my adviser and I have appealed three times, it is still not settled after my graduation. The evidences that this 62 can not reflect my true performance are: in College Japanese 2 I scored 80+ and later in graduate level Japanese classes (see Harvard transcript) I got A- (87/100 in final-term)

Any comment is extremely welcome. Thank you so much guys. Good luck on application, good Karma will smile at you:)

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