International Students LLM-JD Transfer Route

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International Students LLM-JD Transfer Route

Postby MrAdams » Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:18 pm

I have noticed that several law schools offer LL.M programs to foreign lawyers which allow for transfer to the school's J.D. program at the end of the Masters year. Has anyone considered this? The MAIN selling point seems to be that you are not required to sit the LSAT......... which honestly makes me delirious with excitement.

Pro's - Flexible as you can choose not to go for the J.D., thus saving $80k+ if you want. You don't have to sit the LSAT and can rely on current academic performance/softs alone to get into school. Competition to LL.M programs is comparatively minimal to J.D. programs, most schools have 30% + acceptance rates...

Con's - If you want to get into the J.D. programs, most schools seem to have the condition that you be in the top 25% of the masters class, so transfer isn't guaranteed. No 'full ride' scholarships, or so my research so far has informed me.

Seems fantastic! I was getting really down about this LSAT because honestly, I just don't have the time to study for the scores you need to obtain in order to earn acceptance to J.D. programs as I am in my dissertation fourth year of law school. If I take the LSAT I will most likely blow out, so to just side step it altogether seems perfect! Has anyone looked at this route? Is it as rosy as it seems, or is it a case that all that glitters ain't gold?

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