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Admissions Chances...

Postby rengic » Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:29 pm

I could use some advice.... I am a 29 year old student who returned to school two years ago to finish my BA for the purpose of attending law school. I never took the SATs and, other than my experiences studying for the LSAT, I am largely unfamiliar with standardized testing. My practice scores leading up to the October test date were consistently between 159 and 162 (though untimed I scored a 169). During this last test, I was thrown off my game in the section prior to break (RC) as I desperately had to use the bathroom. This may sound funny, but I really could not concentrate!

I scored a 155. My UGPA is 3.54 (largely due to a transcript from 11 years ago pulling down the 3.7 GPA from my current institution). The bottom three schools on my list are Santa Clara, University of San Francisco and Seattle University. While I would be happy attending any of these schools they do represent my personal cutoff.

The obvious advice of course is to retake in December and, to be safe, I have already registered. But I would like to get some sense as to what my chances are of securing admission at one of these three schools with my current numbers. I do have some pretty good softs (work experience, volunteerism, etc). I should also note that I sat "absent" for the Sept '09 test. Any feedback is most appreciated...

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