Low LSAT addendum - is it even worth it?

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Low LSAT addendum - is it even worth it?

Postby armymom » Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:26 am

Hi everyone. I've been a lurker on here for a while but I've never really posted anything. I just got back my October LSAT score and like many people here I scored way worse than expected, a measley 151, even though my PTs averaged 10-13 points higher. I am considering writing an addendum detailing special circumstances going on in my life at the time and why they will be different a year from now.

1) My husband has been deployed to Iraq for the past year. So, that makes me a single mother to 2 kids. We are stationed in KS with no family nearby to help me whatsoever.
2) I work a full time job
3) I go to school full time (night program) and I will graduate with my MBA in December (4.0 GPA)
4) My undergrad GPA is 3.4 ( I worked full time during that as well as a single parent)

My husband is getting stationed at Fort Hood next year so I only have an option of two schools Baylor and UT. Obviously I'm not going to UT but I may have a chance with Baylor's quarter system. I really don't think I can devote another 6 weeks to studying for another LSAT. I've taken the LSAT twice now and it's pretty much been the same result for me. I get flustered under the pressure and I can't concentrate.

Obviously if I get accepted I will just go to school and not work and my parents are nearby and willing to help if my husband deploys again.

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Re: Low LSAT addendum - is it even worth it?

Postby existenz » Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:31 am

No. They won't care.

If you think your score was much lower than you should have received, retake. Otherwise you just have to live with your score. There are almost zero excuses that adcomms with buy for low LSATs or low GPAs and your just isn't one of them.

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