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Postby Ninacutoo » Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:20 pm

I understand that upward GPA trends are good and have read about how to present them, but I feel that "trend" doesn't accurately describe my case. Thus, I am hoping for some input.

Long story short:

I earned a 2.5 GPA my first two years of college, including two semesters with a roughly 1.5 GPA. I lost a full tuition scholarship, was on academic probation twice, and then dropped out.

I took a year off moving around the west, working, skiing, doing whatever, and I realized if I wanted to do anything with my life I had to put some effort into my education, something I had never done before.

I went back to school at a new university(major public university, nothing special prestige wise) received perfect grades (4.1 LSAC standardized), graduated with every possible honor, and was valedictorian (note: it only takes 60 credit hours in residence to be eligible for this apparently!).

Other info:
I have absolutely bomb rec letters, I made a huge effort to cultivate relationships with two of my professors.
I am taking the LSAT in December, and practice tests put me in the 178-180 range.
LSAC GPA 3.3; degree GPA 3.98(a one credit course from high school transfered into my GPA and ruined it!); degree GPA LSAC standardized is 4.1ish
Middle of the pack softs(Doing Americorps currently, semester of service in Central America, fluent in Spanish, club sport stuff from university, etc.)

Do any of you have suggestions/tips on how I should try to play this off? I will definitely be adding an addendum to explain myself, claiming full responsibility, and asking my recommenders to focus heavily on my academic abilities. I know most of you aren't on admissions committees but I always have found value in the ideas of others. Finally, I apologize, as I know that questions about GPA trends are far too common, but again I feel my case is rather extraordinary.

I appreciate all of your input!


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Re: EXTREME!!! GPA Trend

Postby bigben » Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:25 pm


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Re: EXTREME!!! GPA Trend

Postby JurisDoctorate » Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:46 pm

That's cool. I've never heard of a college valedictorian, before. Is that given to the student with the highest GPA in your major? Weren't their multiple students with 4.0's? How did they decide between them?

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