Transcript Question

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Transcript Question

Postby ballents » Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:04 pm

Unfortunately I think I already know what you guys are going to say to this, but I just want to make sure cause it's going to cost me a couple thousand dollars. I took a class as a visiting student last year, and about two weeks into it I realized that I wasn't going to be able to finish the class for a variety of reasons. I thought I withdrew (at which point I would have gotten a 90% refund) but realized a month later that I hadn't and I could still withdraw but would be required to pay the full tuition.

At the time I made the easy but unwise choice of just ignoring it and hoping they would give up after a few years. The one W is the only class I ever took at this school and to get a transcript I would need to pay them $2000 dollars. Would it be a big deal if potential schools found out I didn't send in this transcript? Would they find out?

I can't say that I absolutely can't afford to pay because I probably could, it would just be tough. What say you?

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Re: Transcript Question

Postby fatduck » Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:09 pm

Here's the deal:

1.) Don't just pretend it didn't happen. That's what gets you in trouble.

2.) When you add the school on LSAC, there will be an option to check "I cannot obtain this transcript because of an outstanding financial obligation to the school" or something to that effect. If you check this, you won't have to provide the transcript. Schools will see this, and may ask that you procure that transcript anyway (as a condition for acceptance), or they may not. They also might think you have a habit of not paying your bills. Hard to say.

3.) In my opinion, if you check the financial obligation box, you should write a brief addendum explaining the high cost of obtaining the transcript relative to its content (a single 'W' grade). Others might have different opinions on that, I dunno.

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