How do holds work...

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How do holds work...

Postby vsl89 » Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:46 pm

So, I've recently been thinking that my dream school which I applied ED to will probably just "hold" my file. Now, my second preferred school that I would like to go to is NYU. Let's say,I get my hold in early December and then an acceptance from NYU in late December. At that point, could I register for the Feb 2011 LSAT in an effort to score higher and sway my app to dream school? The reason I wanna hold off on registering is that I know the reason I choked last time on my LSAT was pressure and I feel like if NYU is already in the bag, there would be no pressure, since even if I do worse, I am at least going to a T6 school. I am concerned mainly w/ 2 things --
1. Would a Feb score come too late to sway anything in the admissions or could an LSAT score at median or higher for my dream school make it happen?
2. If I did register for the Feb LSAT after an acceptance from NYU, but before decisions from MVP, would that mean MVP would all change my status to incomplete and keep me on hold?

Also -- an assumption I am working on (based on other threads I've read) is that once accepted, I cannot be rejected by a school for getting a lower LSAT. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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