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Re: University of Miami Personal Statement

Postby UMiamiCane » Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:18 pm

gdane5 wrote:Most people that go to UMiami law, like those that go to the UG, dont necessarily like the school, they just like the surrounding environment/atmosphere. In other words, they like the school because of its party atmosphere. Which isnt necessarily a bad thing, but the school itself is weak.

Not necessarily true. I LOVED UG there! And, I don't know anyone personally who didn't love it. If I remember, you go/went to FIU, which probably means you're from the Miami area, which also probably means your friends that went to Miami were commuters. There is a very large population (in UG anyway) of students from out of state, which included myself and everyone I knew at school. There is a huge disparity between commuters and people from out of state, and they don't seem to comingle at all. Perhaps, the commuters have a different view of the school? I don't know if this holds true at Miami Law, but just thought I'd offer a different perspective.

I actually don't like the surrounding area that much, which is why I moved after UG. But the school is beautiful and I loved the closed campus atmosphere. I went to UF for grad school, and much prefer Miami's campus over UF's.

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