Medical Cannabis and Law School Admissions

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What should I do with my medical cannabis past?

Make it the subject of your personal statement
Have it as an addendum in your applications
Do not mention it at all
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Re: Medical Cannabis and Law School Admissions

Postby lawquestionguy » Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:50 pm

lalalawya wrote:I know there is a directory listed on the bottom of the handbook listing contact info for all of the state agencies. Perhaps an anonymous call inquiring would be possible if the info you need is not included?

lawquestionguy wrote:
lalalawya wrote:This is the Bar admission requirements handbook for 2010 --LinkRemoved--

There is a C&F section in there. I have no idea whether your question can be answered by it but it may help to look through.

Thanks... I'm going to go ahead and look through that right now before I start calling attorneys.

Yea... that sounds good, I couldn't find anything in the handbook. Everyone's advice so far has been very helpful, and you've all help me to formulate a more coherent plan to approach this question

For now, here's my plan, in case anyone is interested. It starts with making a lot of phone calls... I'll be calling (in roughly this order)...
1) the phone number in the bar handbook
2) the admissions offices for all of the different universities i'm planning on applying to (anonymously, of course)
3) friends/family that work in law to see if they can give me relevant advice

I'll also be making some posts on various law forums to see if there are any attorneys that can give me an answer to my question, in regards to the C&F aspect of it and how it may impact becoming an attorney in the future.

For now, I'm leaning towards simply having it in the addenda; trying to explain my regret and distance myself from the violation of Federal law, while pointing out what I perceive to be the positive aspects of it and emphasizing that it was entirely legal under state law. This may be revised after I contact the aforementioned sources. At the moment, I strongly doubt I'll be incorporating this as the subject of my PS... at the most, possibly as a sidenote in the PS, but more likely, I'll just revise how I handle it in my addenda... if things turn out a lot worse than I expected when I contact everyone, I'll just not mention it at all.

Any more opinions on the subject would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have experience as an admissions officer, attorney, or are well-acquainted with C&F issues... I'll keep up with the thread and update it when I have relevant information.

Thanks again.


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Re: Medical Cannabis and Law School Admissions

Postby lawquestionguy » Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:58 pm

Thought I should go ahead and update everyone a bit...

I called Berkeley and Stanford admissions. Berkeley literally asked me what the question was, as though I was silly to consider it would be a problem... Stanford admissions told me it would not be a problem at all, and I actually chatted with her for a little bit about possibly including it in my personal statement! She said that would be fine, although she seemed to gently nudge me into considering other things that I feel strongly about instead... not so much because medical cannabis would be a problem, but rather that I should consider something more directly relevant to proving my future abilities as a lawyer, etc.

I'm greatly relieved. I'm going to contact a few more schools... next up, hah'vahd.

EDIT: Oh, and the woman from Stanford also said that to her knowledge, as long as I was not charged with any crime, it would not be a problem for the bar either. phew.

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