How to tell adcomms what I've been up to...

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How to tell adcomms what I've been up to...

Postby DreamShake » Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:24 pm

Background: I graduated in May and worked a summer internship till late July. I was traveling for a bit, came back, and started tutoring/repairing my parents' house. Tutoring is decent money/flexible hours, and working on the house=free rent/food, all of which amounts to my being able to travel a little. I will start looking for a full-time job (probably nothing impressive--probably just an office worker or some such) when I get back from another trip in early November and will probably start volunteering again. I've also set up another law-related internship for this coming summer.

Basically, my question do I tell adcomms what I've been doing lately? I already have a 1-page addendum covering my criminal record & GPA trend, and I'll also send a "Why X" to 3-4 schools. I definitely don't want to submit one of those applications that seemingly never ends, but I want adcomms to understand that I have been doing something other than just lazing around. How do I best communicate what I've been doing/why I've done it? Should I just list tutoring/working on the house on my resume with a little bullet explaining why I've done those things instead of using my degree?


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Re: How to tell adcomms what I've been up to...

Postby bk1 » Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:29 pm

Put tutoring on your resume but not the working on the house. No need to explain why you haven't been using your degree. Obviously mention your internships and any job you get on your resume.

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