What schools will wait for LORs?

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What schools will wait for LORs?

Postby ads222 » Tue Oct 12, 2010 5:17 pm

So one of my recommenders has been great, getting in her stuff way ahead of the deadline I gave her. The other recommender, despite my prodding, is a little more difficult and hasn't turned in her LOR yet, which leaves me in a lurch.

Obviously I want to send in applications already, even to schools where no LOR (or just 1) is required, and I'd like the Ad Coms to wait to review my application until both letters are in. I've emailed schools to request this, but I guess not every school is cooperative -- Alabama was happy to wait to review my application, but Fordham said they would not wait and would review the application even with no LORs. Anyone else apply to other schools while asking them NOT to review your app yet?


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