What to do about LOR's?

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What to do about LOR's?

Postby operaphantom2003 » Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:53 pm

I have a bit of a problem with getting LOR's. I am an adult student who went to a community college and earned my associates degree then transferred to a large university. I knew my cc teachers and they knew me but the university is large and somewhat impersonal. I have found that the professors know their grad students and those who "make it a point to stand out" the best and ignore the rest of the students. Many of the professors have had office hours when I have other classes or in the evening when I cannot make it. I am a single parent and every minute not spent in class is spent with my son. That was never a problem at the cc and they still got to know me. Well, now I have decided to apply to law school and need LOR's from professors. I have had many grad students as teachers that have now graduated and moved on. The professors I have had are full tenured professors but of the 4 I have asked all have refused. Two said they only give them to "A" students because they are the only ones qualified for law school. One ignored my request with a "I'll get back to you on that" and the other said "If I wanted to go to law school then I would have made more effort to go to every office hour and volunteer for unpaid experience." Whatever to that! These are dead ends. I already have LOR from the director of a non profit where I have volunteered for the past 6 years. What can I do about the academic LOR's? Anyone else encounter this attitude about getting recommendations? I am a B+/A- student and participate in class but I am not 20-something with nothing else to do in life but cater to the professor in hopes I get a recommend later on. Any ideas?

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