Summer/winter break Jobs on resume

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Summer/winter break Jobs on resume

Postby leopardRAWR » Sun Oct 03, 2010 7:38 pm

I worked at the same job from summer 2008-summer 2010, including winter and spring breaks. I'm wondering how to write the dates on both the applications and my resume.

For the applications that don't separate summer employment, how should I list the dates? Obviously there isn't room to list every span of time I worked this job. Should I put the first start date to the final end date (like 05/2008-08/2010) and note next to the position title or hours worked (whichever box has the space) that it's a summer/breaks job, or will they look at my full resume and catch on? Or should I just list the most recent chunk of employment as the date, like this past summer (05/2010-08/2010)?

Also, on my actual resume, should I note the dates encompassing all the employment and specify that it was all school breaks during those dates (ex 05/2008-08/2010) or write down the exact list of dates I was employed (ex 05/2008-08/2008, 12/08-1/09, etc.)?

My gut instinct is to list the first start date and final end date, and note that the job was worked just during school breaks. Thoughts?

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