Gone complete. One more LOR?

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Gone complete. One more LOR?

Postby dbrddr » Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:55 pm

I asked three academic recommenders for LORs back in early August. Two sent theirs almost immediately, but the third professor still hasn't gotten around to writing his. I sent most of my apps (with 2 letters) a couple of weeks ago rather than wait until mid-to-late October to get them in, and I definitely don't regret this decision. I've gone complete at most places. All 3 LORs should be great, but I've got an especially good feeling about this last one. Once LSAC's received it, would it be possible to "assign" the letter to schools where I've already gone complete? Some schools won't allow letters to be sent directly to their admissions offices, and I don't really want the recommender to know I've applied to several schools without his letter, so sending the letter directly to individual schools isn't an option for me. I realize that most schools would much prefer to have 2 LORs than 3, but I'd love for this last letter to make its way to my file if it could be done without irritating adcomms.


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Re: Gone complete. One more LOR?

Postby im_blue » Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:19 am

If you assign an extra LOR to a law school, they'll get an updated LSAC report even if you've already gone complete.

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