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Addendum Advice

Postby niederbomb » Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:28 am

I already made a post about this topic on the FAQ Forum, but I think this is the place for addendum/writing advice, so I apologize to the mods if I am breaking some rule....

I need advice on how specific/detailed to be since many law schools ask about military service and type of discharge received.

"Resigned from the Armed Forces after receiving a letter of reprimand for fraternizing with employees of an off-limits Korean hostess bar while off duty. Although I was not convicted of breaking any laws, I resigned knowing that a letter of reprimand for breaking an Army security regulation would hinder the advancement of my career in the Service. I left "under honorable conditions" because my duty performance was excellent, and I received neither a court martial nor an Article 15.

"I realize that even though I did not break the law, I made an imprudent mistake. I learned two invaluable lessons. First, if I ever again sign a contract to work for an employer which regulates the off-duty lives of its employees, I should be prepared to abide by those rules. Second, I should be more careful about my reputation to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. I have applied these two lessons in my current job, and I intend to apply them in my future career in law.

Or how about?

"Resigned from the service and departed 'under honorable conditions'" and leave it at that.

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Re: Addendum Advice

Postby fatduck » Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:09 pm

What is the narrative reason for discharge on your DD214? If it mentions misconduct, it is probably in your best interest to explain the nature of the misconduct. If it does not, AND the application does not ask about disciplinary issues, then you probably do not need to expound upon your wrongdoing. Just remember that they are going to see you DD214, and of course DO NOT lie or omit information that the application asks for (i.e. have you ever been subject to disciplinary proceedings).

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