Transcripts for International Classes Not Needed?

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Transcripts for International Classes Not Needed?

Postby username99 » Wed Aug 18, 2010 5:09 pm

I did a summer program abroad during college and had submitted my transcripts when I applied in 2005. Now that I am applying again, I noticed that LSAC removed those transcripts from my account. When I called, I was told that if you do a program out of the country for less than a year, you do not need to submit those transcripts to LSAC and your grades are not calculated into the LSDAS. I called again and a different person told me the same thing. I am okay with this, but because I am neurotic and because I had never heard this before, I am a little worried that some school will wonder why they do not have the transcripts for that school.

Again, I was told twice that it was unnecessary. But anyone have any insight?

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Re: Transcripts for International Classes Not Needed?

Postby JohnnyTrojan08 » Wed Aug 18, 2010 6:19 pm

YES, and the insight is HORRIBLE. :evil:

LSAC will not use those transcripts, but your school very well may. Harvard was kind enough to tell me to submit my transcripts from my study abroad program--a week after the "deadline" to submit them had passed--even though my undergrad institution granted me the credits. No other program or school, I did TFA and got a masters in education, wanted that transcript; I didn't even know it actually existed.

So, in short, for LSAC you're fine, but make sure to submit it to the school when you get accepted. :wink:

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