Reverse-Splitter 2011!

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Re: Reverse-Splitter 2011!

Postby wonkymonkey » Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:30 pm

I am a reverse spilter. I am not going to retake because I feel that my softs are strong enough to make me a competitive applicant (guess we will find out soon enough). I plan on applying early in the process so that if things don't turn out grand, I can push out some more apps to more safeties. Good luck to all the reverse spilters out there! I feel yah!

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Re: Reverse-Splitter 2011!

Postby JennBNYC » Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:37 pm

Joining in on all the reverse splitter fun...

3.99 GPA
162 LSAT
3 years FT work experience

I'm in Northern NJ (literally 6 mins from Manhattan), and would love to stay in NYC, so I'm hoping for Fordham ideally. Other places I'm checking out are (in no preferential order):

-UVa (got waiver, so why not?)
-Cornell (yea, I know, I know..WISHFUL thinking)
-Duke (another reach)
-Seton Hall (fee waiver and nearby)
-Rutgers Newark (in-state tuition, plus I want to see what kind of money they'd give me)

Best of luck to us all :-)
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