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I have a very important question that I would like someone with knowledge regarding this situation to answer as honest as possible.

Basically my freshman year I took a remedial math course in the fall semester which I failed (due to a stupid attendance policy which stated if you miss the class 3 times you fail), I took the course over again in the spring semester and failed it again. Long story short I have wised up since freshman year and now have a 3.8 LSAC gpa (despite those remedial 2 F's, my freshman year grades were decent, some C's and B's and a couple A's. Since then a 4.0 ever since) with a 165 on the LSATS and an African-American male who will be graduating from a state school and decent softs.

Although those 2 remedial F's dont count negatively against my GPA (and are not included in my LSAC summary report but are shown on my school's transcripts) . How will these remedial F's look on my apps? I am gunning for the T-14 mainly Harvard,and although I know this law school app process is a complete numbers game, those F's negatively stand out very clear from the rest of my transcript and look especially bad being that they're from remedial classes. Anyway can someone please tell me how this will affect my cycle. Will the top-tier schools (HYS CCN) look down on this and thus affect my cycle? Will this stand out as a red flag?
Thanks in advance everyone

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