MA in Accounting prior to Business Law helpful?

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MA in Accounting prior to Business Law helpful?

Postby Fatcat » Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:43 am

Hello All.

I want to apply to Securities Law/Bankruptcy Law programs, namely UCLA and Columbia, and I want to know if getting an MA in Accounting will increase my chances for admission and increases my chances of getting employed after law school, especially at a Big 4/PE/VC.

I come from a econ/finance background and I want to sharpen my skills in Accounting. By doing so, I'm also hoping to learn more about equity analysis and I'm hoping to bypass the finance/accounting classes at UCLA and Columbia (where they would be more expensive) so I can concentrate on taking as many law courses as possible (to combine bankruptcy and securities law).

For admissions purposes, would it be better to have the MA in Accounting? For advanced positions at the Big 4 and other corporations, would the MA give me and edge over someone with only a corporate law degree?

Also, what are the salaries for corporate lawyers these days? I know hiring came to a standstill during 2009 but how has it been in 2010 so far? My goal is to make a minimum of $150k/yr before bonus; is this possible with the path(s) that I've described above?


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