How should I enter my major into LSAC?

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Emphasize engineering or physics?

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How should I enter my major into LSAC?

Postby StupidQuestions » Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:41 am

I'm an Engineering Physics major with a focus in EE. This means that I took 3/4 of what you need for an EE degree, but the other 1/4 was the core stuff you need for a Physics degree. In order to reduce the stakes even further, know that my GPA was super low, I have solid WE, and my LORs are from my WE.

I can see two ways to enter my major into LSAC:

Natural Sciences, Physics, Specialization


Engineering, Engineering - Other

Which would you pick? And how much does it matter? Zero? Less than zero? Are you now dumber because you read this post?

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Re: How should I enter my major into LSAC?

Postby 5ky » Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:45 am

IIRC, it won't really matter, because on MOST applications, it gives you a spot for you to physically write in your major, and you can write Engineering Physics or what have you.

Edit: for purposes of LSAC, do Engineering - other. It's closest to your degree.

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