Statistical Question- Law School LSAT Range

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Re: Statistical Question- Law School LSAT Range

Postby bycron77 » Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:36 pm

Pozzo wrote:
bycron77 wrote:That's a fair question. The answer? Bored at work, obsessively awaiting June LSAT results. But how the hell is anybody supposed to intuit that acronym?

Fair answer. I blame my own boredom for my asinine repsone. I just though it was a curious thing to necro this sort of thread. And Future Ex was making up an acronym for me. (props, btw) It's just an internet/troll spelling of "what?"

Got it. No worries. Maybe there's a more recent thread on this topic, but I didn't search to be honest. I would think it's the sort of topic people would talk about every year, not just seven years ago, but maybe not.

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