Go All In or Fold?

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Re: Go All In or Fold?

Postby lonelylenore » Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:33 pm

NU_Jet55 wrote:
lonelylenore wrote:Breaking down less than 2 years work into an hourly rate is moronic. There were weeks where I didn't play at all, and weeks where I lost a couple of big pots which put a decent dent into my earnings. For a novice, I'm quite proud of the fact that after two years, I've been able to live on my earnings, even though I live quite simply (no highroller lifestyle for me).

And if it were you, and you could do so well, why are you lurking around on TLS forums being negative when you could be making a good living grinding it out? If you ever wanna put your money where your [mouth] is, I've got a table for you.

I'm not hating man; That's awesome that poker helped you pay your way through school-I did the same thing during undergrad. I wasn't a "grinder" though. I (along with all the rest of the smart money) stayed away from you people. I generally played on weekend nights/early mornings at the bigger casinos in Oklahoma. There were 7 or 8 tables of 2-5 going every night and I would sit down and transfer to the table with the biggest/craziest (read: drunkest) stacks. It was easy, easy money, but it wasn't satisfying in the least (hence law school). I've cashed in a few tournaments that I had to report the $5,000+ on my taxes, but I can definitely admit that I'm not even the best in my group of friends. And I definitely wouldn't want to sit at any table with the likes of an AC 5/10 grinder.

I trust wherever you go to law school it will be quite easy to find fellow poker players to share good times with. Good luck.

Thanks, and thanks for the input, too :)

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