Should I pursue a Masters in Biotechnology?

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Should I pursue a Masters in Biotechnology?

Postby dulcet » Wed May 12, 2010 1:50 am

I am currently a 3rd year Biology major and World Literature minor at a top UC with a 3.37 GPA. I'll be taking the LSAT in October and graduating next March, and so far I've been averaging 170 on practice tests. I have been working in the biotech industry for over a year now, and am interested in a career in IP law. I know my GPA is fairly low, so what I'm wondering is whether or not a Masters in Biotech would help my admissions if I chose to spend a year pursuing a Masters instead of going to law school right out of undergrad. I've been lurking on this forum a lot and it seems like the consensus is that Masters don't make much of a difference whereas PhDs are much more valued, and I understand that graduate GPAs don't matter. However since I have some technical experience already and the Masters would further my technical experience, I'm wondering if it would improve my chances (I don't want to spend 4-7 years doing a PhD, so that's out). I'd like to go to a top-20 school if possible. So, hypothetically if I kill the LSAT, what are my chances with and without the Masters? I will still apply to law schools this year, but if I don't get into any of my most wanted schools I'd like to know if I should pursue the Masters to better my chances, or stick with what I get into this coming cycle (Am I right in thinking I could get into UCI or Santa Clara?). I'd love to go to UCLA or USC, or possibly east coast schools (Boston, NY, etc). Thanks so much for any feedback.

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Re: Should I pursue a Masters in Biotechnology?

Postby Leeroy Jenkins » Wed May 12, 2010 1:51 am

If you are interested in patent pros, you need to get a PhD

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