Disclosure after being admitted?

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Disclosure after being admitted?

Postby Miamiboi305 » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:27 pm

I was admitted to my school of choice back in early Nov. with a great scholarship and since have paid my $1,000 seat deposit in full. Well after browsing the net about the bar I came to discover a problem with my application. One of the questions asked was I ever disciplined by a institution etc and i put "NO" in my original app. Yesterday i thougfht about the question and realized I have been disciplined for three instances in the student housing, two of them when I was a freshman and one when I was a sophmore. I have never been arrested or put in jail for anything just sanctioned to meet with dorm officials for each of the situations. I was punished very midly for one of them in which case I had to watch a movie and right about "whats appropiate to say to people etc" because someone had said I made a remark to a young lady which was not appropiate. I told the dorm officials I didnt and they let it go after I watched the film. The other was an altercation I had with a roomate, the police were called but nothing happened and nobody was charged with anything but I was sanctioned to community service for the incident but later filed a letter of appeals which resulted in me not having to do this. The reason I didn't disclose was because I didn't think petty dorm trouble was considered discipline by academic institutions. I emailed the school making them aware of the situations and letting them know that NO legal actions came about from any of the incidences. Now I am afraid they may take back my offer or scholarship because of the wait of notifying them after all this time. Should I be worried? Am i doomed?

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Re: Disclosure after being admitted?

Postby adameus » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:58 pm

sounds like you did the right thing by letting them know. I'd be very very suprised if they revoked your offer because of this.

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Re: Disclosure after being admitted?

Postby amputatedbrain » Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:02 pm

No one can say for sure what the school's reaction will be, but I would put money that they won't care, at least not nearly enough to revoke your acceptance. I think with these kinds of mistakes, it generally comes down to whether your original effort at full disclosure was made in good faith. Because the incidents in question are so minor and you describe them as having no lasting or official paperwork consequences, I think it's pretty obvious that you filled out the application in good faith despite the ommission.

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