Retaking Question

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Retaking Question

Postby Mike19 » Thu Apr 22, 2010 8:24 am

I'm retaking the LSAT this June after a 166 last September.

I really want to go to GWU or GULC for their JD/MA in Security Policy Studies Program.

With my 3.8 (or 3.83 depending on how my final on Saturday goes) I know it's a long shot for GULC. However, I would also love financial aid and after some research I've found that I might not be assured that at GWU with my score.

My score hasn't increased through practice tests though. My primary concern is what if my score goes down? Obviously a negative trend will almost certainly put me out at Gtown, but how will GWU view it?

I just want to make sure that there is little to no risk in retaking.

Edit: Sorry if the grammar is a little weird...I haven't slept much this week due to finals.


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Re: Retaking Question

Postby oneforship » Thu Apr 22, 2010 9:16 am

I think it's pretty obvious that scoring lower doesn't improve your chances anywhere, although I'm not sure how clear it is dropping a couple points would negatively affect your chances. If your scores are similar, I'm willing to guess it won't matter.

That said, if you're still scoring in the same PT range, I'd do one of two things:

1) Put off the test until September and see what adjustments you can make to improve; or
2) Don't follow through with the retake. I think it's reasonable to expect some kind of epiphany on test day that will bump your score up out of your current PT range.

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