UIowa or FSU for Pre-Law Summer Program?

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UIowa vs FSU (For Pre-Law program)

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UIowa or FSU for Pre-Law Summer Program?

Postby Hull_at_The_House » Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:48 pm

Just wondering which program would be better for me. I'm shooting for T-14 but as an international student, I'm ineligible for most programs, so my choices are pretty limited. I understand that UIowa is the higher ranked school by approx 25 places, but FSU is in a 'better' location and seems to have been a more competitive program to get accepted into.

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Luis Gomez

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Re: UIowa or FSU for Pre-Law Summer Program?

Postby Luis Gomez » Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:24 pm

Why would you be ineligible for any program? I am confused. I am foreign and I got into pretty much ever J.D. program I applied to.

I am confused. And why would you go to a pre/law summer program in the Summer if you are not admitted to law school in the Fall.

If you are wondering where to go as a visiting student to take some undergrad courses, PM me.


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Re: UIowa or FSU for Pre-Law Summer Program?

Postby melissa98 » Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:42 am

@ Luis: The summer program is a 4 week program targeted at under represented minority students in the law field. These summer program is funded by LSAC. Getting into these program has nothing to do with getting into these schools.

@ Hull: When did you get your acceptance into the FSU program, I have been waiting for a letter from them. I thought maybe it was lost in the mail. I received an acceptance into the UIowa program and I have made my decision on going to it, because it has a higher rank and they have fewer students accepted into the program. But I would love to do the FSU program because i am originally from Florida and it would be easier to get their. I have been talking to someone about the UIowa program. If you want to talk PM me. Especially since you have to make a decision by May 1

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