Turning down a higher ranked shcool with better $$$ offer

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Re: Turning down a higher ranked shcool with better $$$ offer

Postby LurkerNoMore » Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:33 am

OneSixtySix wrote:
I agree with your point about not choosing a law school based on how one will feel socially, I did not intend to define fit in that manner.

I think that people can generally attest to a feeling that a particular individual may feel more comfortable in one location rather than another. Some people love New York City, others have no interest in city life. Additionaly in terms of "fit", I include such things as the curriculum offered, absence of ranking, and facilities.

Glad to hear you were working off a broader definition of fit. Unfortunately, I still don't think it's worth $50k. Law school is still a three year investment for long term career. ND and BU have similar national pull. ITE being in a city to network is a huge advantage (even if it's not the city you ultimately want to practice in). Curriculum seems like a big deal as an 0L, but really isn't that huge in the end. You don't learn to practice in law school. 6 semesters (or really 4) doesn't let you take advantage of all the classes available. What you think you will be interested in often changes. If there is a serious defect in the curriculum, then I can see that playing a factor, but I would really weigh it hard against $50k. Facilities are a nice perk. I know I can be a sucker for aesthetics, but really, this should only be a tie breaker.

Ultimately, you have to make the decision that feels right. However, with the way ND got killed in OCI this past year, having no true "home market" -- I think the debt load is too high (I think $150k for ND is too high in any economy, but I'm pretty debt averse) -- especially when you have a similarly situated school available for 1/3 less.

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