Waitlist->Acceptance, but re-applying next year, bad?

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Waitlist->Acceptance, but re-applying next year, bad?

Postby pulandasu » Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:00 am

Hi All,

I tried searching on this topic, but couldn't nail it down, so would really appreciate your thoughtful input, sympathy, whatever positive feeling you can gather on this bloody Monday morning.. :)

I am a joint-degree applicant to JD and another program. I am pretty hell-bent on doing this joint-degree program. Currently, I have one viable option that is I am waitlisted at both law program and the other program at school X. For all other schools, I am out of question because i am rejected from one or both programs.

I will only attend School X if 1) I get off waitlist from both programs and get in or 2) I get into the other program. The other program is a bit more selective than the law program to get into and I am pretty confident that I can get into the law program if I ED during my 1st year at the other program.

My questions are

1) If I get into the law program [not get into the other program], but I decide not to attend, how bad would it hurt my chances if I want to reapply to the same law program next year?

2) Under the circumstances, how hard should I try to get off the waitlist? I am planning to submit up to 3 items: LOCI, additional LOR, Why X essay. The tricky situation is that I don't want to use all of my ammos (add'l LOR and Why X essay) in case I will reapply next year.

LSP had me at ~60% at this law school given my GPA and LSAT score. I applied relatively late in the round Mid-Jan and did not write Why X essay [two factors that led me to waitlist, IMO] I have 5 WE and am thinking of re-vamping my PS [which I thought was so-so]

Thanks for all your inputs!

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