Quality of Facilities

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Quality of Facilities

Postby OneSixtySix » Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:14 pm

Is anybody else planning to attend (or currently attends) an institution that they choose despite sub-par facilities?

I dont plan to base my decision on matters of concrete vs red brick building construction or the quality of desks in the classroom. However, it is something that I feel compelled to list as a "con", particularly when it comes to the library.

How important of a factor is this for folks? I'm particularly interested in BU Law which is housed in a typical 1960s era concrete tower. The classrooms and library pale in comparison to BC in terms of aesthetics, and of course I am in the same boat as many students interested in studying law in Boston in that BC and BU are both being considered strongly.

Ultimately, Im not worried about how pretty my walk to class will be or what kind of wood my desk is. My only concern is comfort while studying, and a wicked nice library has been something I considered a factor in my decision.

I think most people claim that aesthetic appearance is not a factor, but at the end of the day...I feel it plays a huge role, either consciously or subconsciously .

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