Target LSAT to get into a T100 school

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Target LSAT to get into a T100 school

Postby Nailjohnj » Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:56 am

I have been out of school for 2 years in May and am taking the LSAT in June. I was planning on taking it last year, but a death in the family and the following probate (since I was executor) made it impossible for me to dedicate enough time to be prepared. I will only go to law school if I can get into a T100 program so that I can pay off the school bills. My GPA is 2.88 from a strong southern school, with a split between my first year and the last 3 (my last three year GPA is 3.12 with my final year being 3.5). What should I be shooting for in the LSAT to get in a T100 school? T50? T25? Obviously I want to get as high as possible. Yesterday, I took my first practice since last July and scored 157 with no prep work, so I am sure that I'll be able to jump that over 5-10 points in the next 10 weeks, will that be enough?

Also, what is the best school for me to look at for international trade law? Thanks for the look.


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Re: Target LSAT to get into a T100 school

Postby Borhas » Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:05 am

157 with no prep is not bad

I got a 159 when I first took it and with some practice got up to 168-170 in practice tests... though I got a 165 on the real thing

anyway, here's a good resource

a 160 will give a decent chance at some of the less popular schools (75-100)
163 and 50-100 are all decentl shots
165 will give you a shot at one of the lower T1
168 will give you a shot at the SPLITTER FRIENDLY T25
a 172+ will give you a good shot at Northwestern (T14)
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Re: Target LSAT to get into a T100 school

Postby dibs » Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:20 am

i'll give you some context:

LSAT: 162
cGPA: 2.78
uGPA: 3.36

so far i've been accepted to Richmond (t77, $$) and Hofstra (t100). i still have apps out with Denver (t77), UNLV (t75), Drexel (unranked), Gonzaga (t100), and North Dakota (tier 3).

i guess i should have applied to some 50-75 schools, but 75-100 is almost a lock with your numbers. can't speak to the effect of my work experience, addendums, and PS, however.

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