waitlisted at emory

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waitlisted at emory

Postby kblueboi » Thu Mar 18, 2010 4:26 pm

when i was putting in my cc number on the lsac website 2 weeks ago on the day the app was due, i was thinking that i should keep the app money and buy myself a pair of new sneakers since the strips on the bottom of my converse are peeling off and when it rains my white socks turn a dark black from the dye leaking into them. emory is ranked 20, i have a 169 lsat and a 2.2 gpa, 7 years work experience, but applying on deadline day probably nixed whatever chance i had of getting in, but i applied anyway cause i have a job and i could probably do both. besides i'm use to throwing money away on parking tickets here in nyc. to my pleasant surprise, i received a wait list email today. anybody have any information on how waitlists work? do they insert your name into the waitlist or is it going to the end of the list?

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