Should I retake in Oct and Wait to Apply for my Score?

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Should I retake in Oct and Wait to Apply for my Score?

Postby cesmoc » Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:11 pm

Hey TLS-ers
First time poster but long time lurker, I am wondering if you guys can give me some advice about retaking the LSAT in October. I took the September 2009 test and scored a 163, which was about 5 points lower than my average PT score so I wanted to retake the test before applying for this upcoming cycle. However, I have nearly everything else ready for my application and I was planning on applying the instant applications are up. Since the LSAC moved the October administration back, should I take this test and just apply when I was originally planning with an addendum explaining I have another score coming? Would this affect my application at all? Also, I cannot take the June test because I'm still an UG and I am currently writing a thesis right now which is occupying all of my time. Thanks for all the help.


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Re: Should I retake in Oct and Wait to Apply for my Score?

Postby Norwood » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:24 am

If you really can score 5 points more then take the test, 5 points will benefit you way more than applying a month earlier with a 163. Just submit the apps as soon as possible and indicate in the application that you plan on taking a future test date. Schools won't review your application until you have your second score. When your application is complete then you will still have your application viewed before anyone else who also takes the October LSAT.

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