2 URGENT LOR questions

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2 URGENT LOR questions

Postby dudnaito » Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:23 pm

One of my recommenders after having had 2 months to write this, finally decided to send it out on Friday; it's been the last document i needed to go "complete" for a a f'n month. Apparently though, she ignored my request to have it faxed, which i even pointed out makes the process near-instantaneous compared to having it "fedexed" which would take in excess of 1-2 weeks.

...She fedexed it. I provided her with the fax number, told her like 4 times over the course of 2.5 months. -_-

Obviously deadlines for many schools are in Feb. 1, so i'm in a bind here.

so these are my questions:

1) first of all, i know lsac's regular phone hours are from monday-friday, but is it possible to have it faxed today (saturday), and have it processed in saturday? Like... is anyone working on saturday in the LOR processing dept.?

2) I live far away from my recommender. Quite literally, half a world away. I fedexed her my original LOR form, but is it possible to just fax her a 2nd form with my signature on it, then she can fax that copy along with her signed LOR to lsac on feb.1, monday, thereby getting it processed?

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