Class of 2010 or retake / wait for 2011?

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Class of 2010 or retake / wait for 2011?

Postby weis14 » Thu Jan 28, 2010 1:45 am

I am considering waiting a year to attend law school. My numbers (3.8, 164) aren't bad and I already have a couple of nice admits. However, I would like to attend a top 30 or so school and would prefer to have as little of debt as possible at graduation. I already have admits at Wisconsin, Washington and Lee, and Wake Forest. I am on the ND waitlist and will know whether or not I get into Illinois, Ohio State or Indiana soon. I doubt that I will have much of a scholarship offer at any of these schools though.

So.... Since I have already been out of undergrad for nearly 3 years and have a pretty decent (50k+) job in engineering, should I wait another year, retake the LSAT and hope for a better score and more money? I want to do IP law in the Midwest if it makes any difference. I am also considering a dual degree program combining a Masters of Engineering so that would create even more debt. I am married, but my wife does not make enough money to support us both while I am in school and I am not thrilled about 150k+ in loans.

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