Question regarding additional essay & LOCI for waitlist

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Question regarding additional essay & LOCI for waitlist

Postby doopwooper » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:02 am

I'm currently waitlisted at Penn and really want to do all I can to get myself accepted.

I have a question about which additional essay to send. They specify that if you're going to send them another essay, it can only be ONE other essay. I didn't write a why penn essay originally so I had planned on sending that. But since I am going to be sending them a loci, which will say most of the things that a why penn essay will probably say, do you think I should choose another essay topic to write on?

Any advice or opinions would be appreciated. I originally posted this in the "Acceptances/rejections/waitlist" forum, but since I didn't get any responses there, I think it might be more appropriate to post here.

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