Seeking the wisdom of the crowds

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Seeking the wisdom of the crowds

Postby seeking_advice123 » Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:22 am

This is an alt, obviously. I am a non traditional, around 31 yrs old. I applied to most of the T14, a couple of safeties that I shouldn't need (admit at Berkeley on down from LSP). Good softs. Non URM.

Situation: Fall 2007, working overseas (civilian working with military), got a DUI on SBA territory in Cyprus. SBA falls under the British Ministry of Defence. Long story short, my company recommended I just leave (no extradition, very weird jurisdiction issues, and previous employees had left w/out resolving similar situations). I stuck around, pled guilty, paid a fine, suspended jail sentence. It does not appear on anything about me stateside, nor with Great Britain, even. Just the SBA.

However, on some bad advice (not from here) I did not initially disclose this. Despite the fact that school/Bar has no way of knowing (top secret clearance investigator admitted as much to me, and no way Bar spends $75k to screen each person like the gov does), I have decided to submit an addendum to all my schools explaining the situation and why I did not initially disclose. It just felt wrong. None of my apps are past complete as of Friday.

I am not worried about consequences that stem from my DUI because I did it and will pay whatever consequences come about. I am afraid, however, of the consequences of not initially disclosing on the application. Will this hurt me enough that I should apply to some even safer schools?

Thanks for any help and please stay on topic :wink:

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Re: Seeking the wisdom of the crowds

Postby TTH » Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:10 am

Don't sweat it. Just amend your application, explain it all. People have done far worse and passed C&F.

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