Being on 'Hold'

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Being on 'Hold'

Postby carbondioxide » Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:28 pm

Hope it's not too early to post this.

I've been placed on hold at one of my top choice law schools, am writing a LOCI, and won't hear from the school until late spring. I've been accepted to some schools that require first tuition deposits prior to when said top choice law school will make its decision.

Am I allowed to put down seat deposit(s) at one school while still waiting on a decision from another school?

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Re: Being on 'Hold'

Postby amputatedbrain » Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:33 pm

To the best of my knowledge there is one thing and one thing only that restricts what you can do as far as placing deposits, and that is if you signed a binding early decision contract. Assuming you did not do this, then you are a free agent. You can put down seat deposits, hell you can decide not to go there the day before class starts. The only caveat is that at a certain point (in June I believe) it becomes public knowledge who was admitted where, and maybe if they've placed deposits, so the school you're waiting for will eventually find out where you got in. But no school thinks you are going to hold out for them and not place a deposit if they're making you wait until late April. They know the game and I they won't hold it against you that you kept a viable backup option in case they don't come through.

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