Ideas for a gap year?

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Re: Ideas for a gap year?

Postby joekim1 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:48 pm

dang, what's all these koreans doin here.

no one planning on tutoring the LSAT overseas?

prolly can charge more than english. though $40/hr is pretty good for teaching kids to say "i went to the store with my mom"

i might be stuck in korea a year doing either of the above. and helping my friend with his stupid "business venture"

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Re: Ideas for a gap year?

Postby The Zeppelin » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:55 pm

Find a reason not to go to law school.

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Re: Ideas for a gap year?

Postby b.gump81 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:24 pm

I took a year off too and was able to find some relevant WE. I initially looked at traveling but decided against it as well. I think the Americorp would be a great opportunity. Maybe look into the Peace Corp. I also know they are tons of local community service opportunities, such as something like CASA or some other type of legal aid service.

I don't think admcomms have some secret formula regarding what to do in that year off, as long as it is productive and you were successful at doing it.
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Re: Ideas for a gap year?

Postby heyyitskatie » Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:37 pm

I don't mean to belabor the teaching English abroad point, but it's something you shouldn't so easily dismiss (unless of course you just hate the thought of teaching). It's what I'm doing for a "gap year" of sorts and I couldn't be more thankful. For many countries, you not only need no language skills, they'd prefer it so you are then forced to explain concepts in English rather than in their native language (like I end up often doing).

As far as I know, western Europe is probably out of the question without a few thousand dollars for start up costs (plane flight, deposit on apartment, etc.), but most of Asia is your oyster. If South Korea isn't your cup of tea, there are plenty of organizations in China, Japan, and Taiwan that will pay your airfare, find you housing, pay you very well, etc. I don't think you'd be as generously compensated in Thailand, but it's possible to at least get a plane ticket and housing accommodations in addition to your monthly salary.

Traveling while you are young and don't mind roughing it a little is an amazing experience, and especially if you are going to law school, one that you probably won't really have if you don't do it now.

If you aren't bit by the travel bug at all, sorry for blathering at you. Try an internship at the public defender (they are usually unpaid, but you can do it part time and get some other form of paying job). You'll likely get tons of interaction with the clients and it's truly an eye-opening experience. could go a completely different route and get whatever job will pay you the most and use the money to explore your non-law interests, since you'll be devoting so much time to the LSAT and the rest of your working life as a lawyer. Learn to dance, cook, play a sport, get ripped, whatever "that thing" was that you didn't do in college that you'll have time to do now :). Good luck!

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